About us

  • "A Rising Star In The iGaming White Label and Games Supply Industry"

  • B2B Gaming was incorporated in 2020 by industry professionals with extensive experience in the gaming industry, this translates into the company's direction in the coming years.

    Our strategic moves since our incorporation were to solidify our position with the best in the industry either through partnerships or acquisitions, thus allowing us to bring only the best for our customers in the long term.

    We aim to be the leading supplier of White label software and games aggregation by 2024 so that everyone can win together hence our brand name of B2B Gaming, which is symbolic to our objective, which is to make fair gaming that is sustainable for both players and operators.

    We look forward to welcoming you into our fold as a customer, partner or subsidiary so that we can create a true positive disruption in the iGaming world.

    We have only taken the first steps in our grand plan and what we can ensure is that we will provide to have more and more exciting offerings from B2B Gaming for all our customers and players that trust our software and games.

    So, are you ready to get on the B2B Gaming jet for mutual success? Then get in touch with us today so we can tell you how.